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Avemar is derived from fermented wheat germ – Triticum Vulgaris (via a fermentation process) and is available in a powdered form in individual. In general, Avemar works by improving the health of  an induvial. With regular intake of Avemar, it promotes healthy life and can enjoy a better lifestyle.

Avemar is an all-natural compound made from fermented wheat germ extract using biotechnological processes.


is All Natural

Wheat germ, both fermented and unfermented, has been a part of the human diet for millennia.  Wheat germ is also used as an ingredient to provide advantageous nutritional characteristics.

The fermented wheat germ in Avemar is substantially equivalent to the fermented wheat germ.

Quality Assurance

Avemar products are manufactured by Biropharma Ltd, Hungary under strict quality assurance systems. The factory is also GMP certified for the production of pharmaceutical products. 

Biropharma Ltd.

Biropharma Kft. was established in 1998 and is located in Hungary. It specializes in herbal extracts, medicinal products, dietary and food supplements. Its manufacturing plant is one of the most innovative manufacturing plants in the field of pharmaceutical technologies in Hungary. Besides their own product development and manufacture, Biropharma also provides contract manufacturing services.

The entire manufacturing process is supervised and monitored by highly experienced quality management experts to ensure the constant excellent quality of the products. 

I-Science International Sdn.Bhd.

I-Science International Sdn Bhd (ISI) was establishedin 2007 in Malaysia, to address the demands of healthcare-medical imaging solutions, systems, services and nutraceuticals products both locally and in the ASEAN region.

In September 2020, Biropharma Ltd., Hungary teamed up with ISI as their strategic partner to promote and distribute Avemar in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia andalso in four provinces in China.

Corporate Responsibilities has always been on the minds and in the hearts of the Founders and Board of Directors of ISI. This allows us to pave our direction towards Corporate Social Responsibility,which in return gives us an opportunity to demonstrate our corporate social conscience by looking at the whole social and environmental compass that surrounds the company.

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